CALSSA helps raise nearly $27,000 for victims of the Camp Fire

Northern California experienced a terrible natural disaster this month. The Camp Fire took the lives of 85 people and leveled 14,000 homes across Butte County, according to The Washington Post. As of Nov. 26, 296 people were still missing. 

Even though the fire is now 100 percent contained, the destruction it left behind will continue to impact so many. Here at Aztec Solar, we want to thank all of the firefighters, who risked their lives to help others. As a local California business, our hearts go out to the victims.

We also want to thank all of the volunteers and those who gave their time and are still giving their time, funds and donating to help the victims.

Earlier this month, the California Solar and Storage Industry Association (CALSSA) established a GoFundMe page to help generate assistance for employees of solar companies and their families who were affected by the fire. The initial goal of the page was to raise $2,000 in 17 days. As of Nov. 26, the total raised was up to $26,790.

Every dollar collected on the page will go straight to solar workers and their families, distributed via CALSSA to its members most heavily affected.

It is great to see the solar community come together to support one another. Thank you to all who donated.

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