Can I really save money by going solar?

  • Future rate hikes- Electricity rates are steadily increasing, meaning your bill will continue to rise with them. When you switch to solar, you can cut your bill in half or even diminish it completely!
  • Federal Tax Credit- The government will pay you 30% of your total installation cost in the form of a tax credit. This credit expires in 2016, but you will want to take advantage before December 2015 to get the most from your credit.
  • Net Metering- You can apply to give your excess power back to your energy company. They will pay you for the electricity you put back into the system.
  • Rebates from your Energy Company- Depending on your electric company, you may qualify for a rebate for going solar and conserving energy.

What about the installation cost?

The biggest worry many consumers have is the cost of installation. Solar installation has gone down greatly in the last few years, making solar power more affordable than ever before. There are also ways to pay for the installation if you can’t pay out of pocket:

  • Financing- There are many different options of low interest loans, and options that include zero down. Even when you finance your system, you’ll save money from day 1, because your average payment will be lower than your average savings on your electric bill.
  • Green Programs- There are US and state programs that you can apply for to help pay for your solar installation. Talk with our experts to learn more about these initiatives.

There over 200 ways to save money on solar systems in California. If you are interested in what credits are available to you, check out this website:

How much can I really save?

As the cost of traditional electricity goes up, you will save more and more money with solar power. If you were to install a 3kW system, it would produce an average of about 450kW a month. The average household uses around 900kW a month, meaning it would cut your bill in half. If you installed a higher kW system, you could save even more each month. Remember to conserve as much energy as you can before and after you install your solar system!

Are you ready to save money on your electric bill? Contact us today for your free evaluation:

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