Capitalize on solar power in 2020

Last year, California reached a clean energy milestone.

For the first time in history, 1 million roofs were equipped with solar panels, demonstrating the state’s commitment to a cleaner and brighter future for all.

Solar panels are central in the fight against climate change, but additional challenges have risen the stakes.

As wildfires occur with more regularity, residents and business owners must prepare for blackouts and higher utility costs. This new reality makes it necessary to establish even more ambitious goals. California has already committed to 5 million electric vehicles and buildings.

In order to move forward, solar batteries must be part of the solution.

It’ll keep your home or business running – even when everyone else is disrupted by blackouts.

Before thinking that a solar electricity system and battery system is out of reach, consider the history of declining prices, but more importantly, think about the future. Since 2006, The price of solar panel installations has dropped significantly, falling by two thirds. Tax incentives provide another avenue to savings on a home or business solar electricity system.

Once installed, the savings are month to month; and within just years, the savings will extend beyond your initial investment.

Aztec Solar delivers on top-quality solar products and technologies, designed to meet the needs of our customers and save them money. We offer in-house solar water heating, solar pool heating and solar electric experience for all applications, from small-scale residential projects to large-scale commercial projects.

With so many big questions regarding energy and the new normal, you can have peace of mind with solar.

Today’s benefits are greater than at any other time. With Aztec Solar, you can take advantage of solar technologies and breakthroughs in battery advancements, which makes it possible to store power, use power and save power for whenever it’s needed, day or night.

Provide for all your energy needs today by making the switch to solar electricity and solar storage.

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