Count Dracoala embraces the sun by switching to solar!

Count Dracoala faced a dilemma.

Each month, he opened his utility bill, he noticed the cost of running his electric coffin just got more expensive as time passed, especially during the winter months.

He needed a solution that would free him from his high electricity bills. Romania Utility Co., however, had a monopoly on coal and utility services.

Dracoala loved the dark energy source, but was tired of paying the exorbitant price. It was all he knew and going green and using the sun was unthinkable, and unbecoming of a vampire.

A friend showed him the light, figuratively speaking, and told him about Aztec Solar. And Count Dracoala listened.

He learned that Aztec Solar promises independence from high electricity cost with its innovative solar applications for homes and businesses.

Aztec Solar will even come out to survey your home or castle and provide a fast 28-minute consultation. During this important meeting, you will learn how much money you will save each month.

Count Dracoala, ever-leery of the sun, didn’t even have to step outside or peek through the curtains during the installation process. Good thing, too! Aztec Solar simplified the procedure and customized his solar application to fit his needs using their high-quality solar products.

It didn’t take long for Count Dracoala to realize the benefits of the sun as his energy bill went way down.

If a vampire can count on the sun, so can you!

Our award-winning customer service, industry-leading solar applications and expert solar installers will provide the solutions you need to save money on your monthly energy bill. The savings you’ll enjoy will more than pay for your new solar electricity system. So, if you’re ready to embrace the sun and enjoy a life-time of savings, call us today!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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