Deadline for Solar Investment Tax Credit fast approaching

Residential and commercial solar customers qualify for a substantial tax credit this year.

Homeowners can claim 26 percent of the cost of a solar photovoltaic system thanks to the federal tax credit if the installation is conducted before the end of this year.

The Solar Investment Tax Credit has fueled the growth of solar installs by more than 10,000 percent since its enactment in 2006, giving people access to affordable, clean-energy solutions.

For the next several months, home and business owners can apply for a 26 percent tax credit when they purchase a solar energy system.

The federal policy, which further incentivizes the use of clean and affordable energy, is phasing out, however.

Next year, the tax credit will drop to 22 percent for both residential and commercial uses. By 2022, the residential tax break will end, but the commercial version will be available at a 10 percent level. Any continuation of the tax break beyond 2022 will be up to Congress.

The tax incentive covers solar panels, onsite labor and balancing expenses associated with solar applications.

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