Decision Looms on Solar Tariff

President Donald Trump has until January 26 to decide on imposing a new tariff on imported solar modules that would nearly double the current rate of foreign-made products that enter the United States.

The Solar Energy Industries Association has come out against the proposed hike because it has the potential of crippling the market. Industry leaders say the increase could damage and tarnish this promising $29 billion segment of the economy.

What does that mean for consumers?

If a tariff is imposed on solar panels, pricing on solar will go up as soon as January 26th, when President Trump’s decision is due.

Regardless of the decision, solar will still save customers thousands of dollars on their utility bill every year, but you could save even more if you start the process now, before tariffs are implemented.

In addition to the tax break, you can potentially avoid paying higher product and service costs that would result from the solar tariff.

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So, act now with these three ways to save before it’s too late!

If you would like to get involved in protecting the solar industry, visit the SEIA website.

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