Do solar panels work during winter months? Yes!

Solar energy works by capturing the sun’s heat and radiation through solar cells and converting it into electricity to power homes and businesses.

The Sacramento region is no stranger to chilly weather in the months of January and February. For those living up the hill, snow is also a concern. So, what happens to the effectiveness of solar panels during these colder weather events?

Some photovoltaic solar panels may work more efficiently when it’s cold outside or even snowing, believe it or not.

The reason why solar owners shouldn’t worry about cold weather disrupting their generation of solar energy is simple: As long as sunlight is able to reach the solar panels, regardless of the outdoor temperatures, the solar electricity system will continue to produce clean and affordable energy.

Like many other electric devices, solar panels perform better in cooler temperatures. In the winter months, solar panels are also less likely to reach peak temperature, which can drag down on their performance.

Light snow or rain will not interfere with the energy-making process, either. That’s because solar panels are installed at an optimized angle to capture more sunlight and allow rain or light snow to slide right off.

If there’s any buildup of snow or ice that can reduce the amount of absorbed sunlight, the dark panel surfaces will retain heat and help remove any weather-related buildup.

Solar panel surfaces are also smooth enough for any other debris like leaves and dirt to slide off with ease. A rain event will actually help wash away any traces of debris or dirt on the panels’ surface and help to maximize the panel’s solar input.

The bottom line is that solar panels are efficient no matter the time of year. There are also a variety of technologies, such as solar pool heating and solar battery storage, that can further enhance your home’s energy efficiency and capacity.

With solar energy, Sacramento region residents and businesses can enjoy large savings on their utility bills and have the peace of mind that it will reliably produce energy all year round.

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