Double Summer Fun

An almost endless swimming season is the dream for pool owners everywhere. Aztec Solar can help you harness the sun’s energy to extend your swimming season. Solar heating is the most cost-effective way to heat the water in your pool to a comfortable temperature spring, summer and fall. Of all the options available, solar energy offers the best value, dollar for dollar than any other method available.

Aztec customers Sue and Larry Williams installed a pool-heating system last February and say they couldn’t be happier with their decision:

“Our intent was simply to prolong our swimming season because even after installing a heavy safety cover the pool was only comfortably warm for swimming for a few months.What a pleasant surprise when we turned the system on the first of March (yep, against the “it’s way too early” warning of our pool guys).Our pool went from 71 to 85 degrees in two days, and we’ve been swimming since. Now we cap the heating at 98 degrees and enjoy what has become a very large hot tub every evening.A guilt-free pleasure thanks to solar from an amazingly efficient system,” said the Williams after their system was installed.

With a solar heating system you can ensure your pool is the perfect temperature for you, whether you want a refreshing swim or a relaxing hot tub experience.

Anyone can be swimming in an Aztec-heated pool in a matter of days- and it’s an investment that will pay for itself with more swimming days and increased home value.

Call Aztec Solar today for your own solar pool heating system and enjoy an almost endless summer swim season. (916) 853-2700

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