Driving on Sunshine

Did you know it’s entirely possible to power your vehicle on solar power?

It’s true! If you own an electric vehicle and solar panels to generate your own electricity, it’s possible to power your vehicle with the sun.

Like gas prices, the cost of electricity is slowly increasing, meaning the price to charge your electric vehicle is going up.

But imagine never having to stop for gas, or feel the “pain at the pump”! No more $60 fill-ups every week, or shocking surprises when you open your electric bill. In fact, using solar to charge your car is environmentally friendly and affordable – the best of both worlds.

If you already own solar panels and are considering an electric vehicle, it may pay to increase the size of your solar system in order to compensate for the extra electricity that your vehicle will use while charging. With a properly sized system, you should not see an increase in your electricity bill, even with a grid-tied system.

As those with solar panels and electric vehicles can tell you, the cost of driving is dramatically reduced once you recoup the funds from your initial investment.

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