Enjoy your pool longer by adding a solar heater

There’s nothing like taking a nice dip in your swimming pool – unless your pool is too cold and too expensive to upkeep. And even though summer is just around the corner, sometimes the early mornings and late evenings can still be too chilly to get all the enjoyment you deserve from your pool. Other times, just the cost and hassle of having to maintain a pool heater makes you not want to even use your pool.

However, if you have a solar pool heater, those hardships can drastically be reduced!

One of the best things about having a solar heating pump is the savings. The sun is free! And after you install your heater, which can pay for itself in less than five years, you can enjoy the benefits all while soaking up the sun’s rays. Not only will you save money on heating your pool, you’ll add value to your home.

The service requirements of a solar heater are also minimal, leaving you with more time to swim and more money in your bank account.

In addition to helping yourself, you’re also helping out our environment. Did you know that about 86 percent of our electricity comes from fossil fuels? By switching to solar, you can be proud of yourself knowing that besides saving money, you are eliminating the need for gas or electricity to fuel your pool’s heating source.

Probably the greatest part about having a solar heater for your pool is you can actually use your pool when you want! By using Aztec’s solar pool heaters to raise your pool’s temperature, weather won’t be an issue for you, allowing you to get the full benefits of fun, family and fitness with your pool.

So add value, time and literal energy into your pool today. Contact Aztec Solar now for your free consultation, and start getting the most out of your pool!

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