Extend Your Swimming Season Into Fall With Solar Pool Heating

Because the water is too cold, the typical pool owner only uses their pool for three to four months every year. A solar heater may prolong your swimming season by a few months, allowing you to spend more time in your pool. Between April and October, a solar heating system can readily heat a pool to temperatures of 78 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. As we enter August, it is only a matter of time before we start thinking about fall. So, let’s take a look at how solar pool heating works.


What is the process of using solar pool heaters?

Pool water will flow out of the pool and into a solar thermal collector where it is heated by the sun before being returned to the pool. You’ll need a control valve, a check valve and a gauge to keep the pool temperature consistent.

Most systems can detect the water’s temperature and send it to a solar collector to be warmed before reverting it to the pool. The flow control valve returns the water to the pool when the water in the solar collector reaches the specified temperature.

The solar collector is generally larger in colder regions of the U.S. and in locations where the pool is utilized year-round, allowing it to maintain heating the pool even when the temperature drops significantly.

If necessary, a solar water heater can be used in conjunction with gas or electric heaters.

Reduce the Cost of Heating Your Pool

Solar pool heating lowers your operating expenses significantly, allowing you to allocate more money elsewhere. A solar pool heater is significantly cheaper throughout its lifespan than a natural gas heater, and it is the greatest method to level your energy costs.

Rebate and Incentives for Solar Pools

Commercial solar subsidies are now available in the different gas service regions. They can cut the payback time down to only 1-2 years. The California Public Utilities Commission created the incentive program to minimize the amount of greenhouse gases produced by heating public and semi-public pools with conventional fuels.

Select a Professional Solar Contractor

Aztec Solar has been installing solar pool heating systems in Northern California for decades. After switching to solar, our clients would never contemplate heating their hot tubs or pools any other way.

Our team of specialists will not only provide excellent customer service, but they will also have the knowledge to determine which alternatives are most suited to your needs.

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