Harley-Davidson is going all in on commercial solar, your business should too

Few American brands carry the notion of independence and fulfilled dreams as well as Harley-Davidson.

Now, the company embarks on a new mission of independence of its own with the adoption of 2.25 megawatts of solar arrays to power its powertrain operations in Wisconsin, the largest project of its kind across the state.

The system of 8,400 rooftop solar panels is part of the We Energies Solar Now Program that promotes partnerships with utility companies, businesses, nonprofits and government entities.

Solar Now, a pilot program, is sanctioned by the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin. The program has several other projects in the works with the potential to produce more than 15 megawatts of clean and affordable energy.

If your business is ready to take on a new endeavor into the future of energy, commercial solar at Aztec can deliver.

Much like the partnership program in the great state of Wisconsin and elsewhere, Aztec Solar’s history of strong partnerships with businesses and developers across Northern California is unmatched.

For more than 40 years, Aztec Solar has worked side by side with businesses to bring in clean and affordable energy that fulfills every business energy need and surpasses every expectation.

Aztec Solar sets out to create smart and money-saving energy solutions that are highly coveted by our residential and commercial customers. Whether it’s in-house solar heating, solar battery storage or full solar power energy applications, every solution is designed for efficiency, cost-savings and a brighter future.

Contact us if you are ready to install commercial solar today.

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