How does commercial solar power work?

Solar panels are not just for massive solar farms or neighborhood rooftops.

They can also save commercial enterprises money and fulfill their energy needs with green technologies such as full solar electricity applications and solar power storage.

Here’s how commercial solar power works.

Photovoltaic modules, commonly known as solar panels, are at the foundation of every solar electricity application. They are installed on business rooftops or on frames to maximize angles and sunlight absorption.

The stored energy moves into the system’s inverters.

Inverters transform incoming DC energy into AC power, the same form of energy that’s standard inside your home or business.

Once the power is converted, it is indistinguishable from electricity taken from the grid.

Your business’s existing electrical infrastructure will be put to work.

Electricity outputted by the inverter is sent directly to your switchboard, allowing the free flow of energy at your place of business.

An electricity meter will track energy use so that electricity is first drawn from your solar electricity system and not from the grid.

In the event that your business will need additional power, your setup is designed to filter in electricity from the grid. It’s also possible to redistribute excess energy and send it back to the grid through net metering.

Going solar is a smart business decision because it will reduce operating costs, freeing up resources for other business goals. Solar applications are low maintenance and will provide clean energy to your business for decades to come.

Adopting solar energy also immediately puts your business at the forefront of a growing green energy movement.

More and more, consumers want to do business with organizations that are committed to decreasing harmful greenhouse emissions and are planning for a brighter future.

As the region’s solar pioneer, Aztec Solar has plenty of experience with the Sacramento area’s business leaders.

We’ve partnered with the business community and developers for more than four decades, delivering energy savings and peace of mind so that businesses will meet their energy needs.

Our solar experts and top-quality products can address the needs of any industry, from education, hospitality, industrial and other sectors.

Please reach out to us today to learn more about how our turn-key solar installations can save your business money and help you plan for a brighter, carbon-free future.

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