Increasing risk of wildfires in California brings threat of power shutoffs

With summer in full gear, California is at greater risk for drought and wildfire events. As a result, some residents are already preparing for an active wildfire season and strict water conservation measures.

State officials report that the poor conditions are worsening at an alarming rate. Low reservoir levels and drying vegetation are two major factors in California’s dire climate assessment.

At current levels, the drought conditions are worse than they were during California’s most recent severe drought, which ended about five years ago.

The threat of wildfire is also far ahead of previous seasons as firefighters are up against August- and September-like conditions in June. The wildfires are also moving more quickly that previous seasons. With the approaching Fourth of July holiday and rising temperatures, conditions are quickly deteriorating.

California experienced its worst wildfire season in recorded history in 2020, so there’s real concern that 2021 will be another devastating season.

Power shut offs are also a new reality. Customers of traditional utility services are faced with the prospect of losing electricity at a moment’s notice. Cutting off transmission of electricity is one of the tools California utility companies use to help prevent the next wildfire disaster.

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Solar battery storage lets customers keep excess energy that can be used after sunset or in the event of a blackout. When customers install a battery storage system, they can bypass shutoffs to their home or business.

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