Is it time for you to become energy independent?

As we recover from the fun of the 4th of July, we start to reflect on what independence means in our daily lives. For many of us, the first thing that comes to mind is financial independence. Your home is one of the best assets you have to increase your financial independence through home improvement and increased equity.

Why not invest in an upgrade that is environmentally friendly, as well as friendly to your monthly bottom line? According to Hanley Wood’s 2010-2011 Cost v. Value report (, the average kitchen remodel can recoup close to 60 percent of the investment at resale. A new solar system, however, has a nearly 100 percent return on investment at resale, before monthly utilities savings are even factored in.

So are you ready to become energy independent? With our flexible, no-money-down purchasing options, going solar is easier than ever. Check out our Solar Electric Buyer’s Guide ( to see how your investment can make you money not only at resale, but on your monthly utilities bill as well.

Turn your home into an energy producer this summer and beyond. Want more information? Give us a call!

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