Is Solar Right for Your Home?

If you’re thinking about solar for your home but aren’t quite sure if it’s a feasible option, Aztec has some tips on how to determine if solar is right for you.

1) Does your home have some Southern Exposure? A South-facing orientation can make solar most effective.

For solar installations in the northern hemisphere, the consistent rule-of-thumb is: The more south facing the surface, the more energy the system will produce. Ideally, one would want to install the solar system on a surface within 40 degrees of South to ensure optimal energy production. The good news is that systems on flat roofs or mounted on the ground can be tilted to provide a south-facing exposure.

2) How much sun does your home get?

While Aztec has many solutions for properties with shade, it’s important to consider the amount of shade that falls on your roof. Consider whether or not tall buildings or large completely block sunlight from accessing your roof.

3) How much usable roof space do you have? Surface area for your panels is an important factor.

Is your roof angular or does it have a lot of dormers? Don’t worry, our experts at Aztec can work around vent pipes, chimneys, and skylights.

A nifty free way to check your home is to use BingMaps or GoogleMaps to give you an aerial view of your roof space.Just type your address into the search bar, hit enter, switch from road view to birds eye view, and zoom in on your home to consider your orientation, and roof space.

Alternatively, you can let Aztec qualify your site for you.

If your home does not seem like a great fit, other options might be available. For example, a sun-lit yard or piece of land may be a perfect fit for a ground or pole-mounted system.

Are you interested in solar but not sure if it’s right for your home? Call Aztec Solar today to discuss it with one of our experts. We’ll give you our honest opinion, guaranteed. (916) 853-2700

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