Is Your Home Really Too Shaded for Solar?

A pretty well known hindrance to solar panels is shade.

Currently, Google Earth has the ability to project how much energy can be produced in any California home using their satellite technology. However, what Google doesn’t consider is the varied times of day and atmospheric conditions that can greatly affect shade on our roofs, where most residential solar installs are made.

Shade comes in two forms: hard and soft. Hard shade is a physical obstruction of light, like a building or tree, while soft shade is a diffusion of light through smog or haze, according to an article on

Essentially, shaded cells on a solar panel can cause a shutdown of the panel as a whole, much like a burnt out Christmas light bulb can ruin the rest of the string, preventing the current to move within the cell. It’s important to assess the correct placement on the roof to ensure that the panel is receiving optimum light to make your investment successful.

We have been in the solar installation business for over 30 years in Sacramento, and using our technology and tools, we can give you an accurate assessment of solar potential for any site, residential or commercial, for any time of year.

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