Learn how much solar can save you in 9 seconds

Aztec Solar wants you to know in 9 seconds exactly how much you can save with solar.

With our new online solar quiz, it’s simple. Visit sacramentosolarinfo.com, select your property type, roof type, and enter your address and your monthly average electricity bill amount. Once you have entered that information, your proposal will be ready and you will know how much you can save with solar.

Once you know how much you will save, it may be difficult to wait to install your new solar panels. But some may still decide to hold off. And what is the cost of waiting? Let’s start with your last electricity bill. How much was it? That dollar amount is what you spent this month alone while waiting to go solar.

It’s true, new technology is on the way. It’s inevitable, and it always will be. But waiting won’t decrease your utility bill now, and the summer months are just around the corner. Imagine what your utility bills will be in July and August.

There are many different options when choosing solar, and we want to make sure you know about each and every possibility. Switching to solar power is a big step, and our goal is to help you get all of the information you need before you decide to make the switch to solar panels, so that you are comfortable and happy with your purchase.

Our customers often see a large decrease of their monthly electricity bill after installation. Start saving on your bills today, and see an increase in your home value, too!

Aztec Solar is your local choice for quality solar systems for both commercial and residential use, including water, electric and pool heating systems. Solar systems have been around for more than 50 years, and Aztec Solar has been in business in the Sacramento area for more than 35 years.

Our systems have no moving parts, requiring little to no maintenance. But just like with any large purchase, we understand that protecting your investment is vital. Let us help you finance your dream of being energy independent now with the peace of mind knowing that you will have a virtually maintenance-free system.

Call us today at (916) 853-2700.

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