New Rebates for Solar Pool Heating In Sacramento

Owning a swimming pool can be the key to your relaxing evenings and afternoons. There’s nothing like a long swim at the end of a hard day. Unfortunately, the temperature of Sacramento pools may not always be favorable for a dip all year round, i.e. in spring, fall or winter. If you want to be able to swim whenever you please but the thought of jumping into an icy pool sends shivers down your spine, then a pool heater could be just the thing you need.

However, the problem with conventional pool heaters, often those that run on gas or electricity, is that they use non-renewable sources of energy, which can be quite expensive in the long run and contribute to environmental damage. If you want to the benefits of a pool heating system without the high energy costs or climate change guilt, a solar pool heater may be just what you need.

These solar pool heating systems extend your swimming season through clean, renewable energy. In fact, according to Go Solar California, “Solar pool-heating systems increase an unheated pool’s water temperature by 10 degrees or more, and they can extend the swimming season by two to three months.” What’s not to like?

According to the United States Department of Energy, commercial solar pool heating devices are considered to be the most effective application of available renewable energy in today’s times. Recognizing that the upfront costs scare many people away from solar pool heating systems, pool rebates in Sacramento were introduced to attract people to these projects. You save money and environment at the same time.

Sacramento commercial pool owners are eligible to participate in the solar rebate program and enjoy pool rebates Sacramento under the California Solar Initiative (CSI), which is an important component of the Go Solar campaign in California. The CSI’s solar thermal program was recently revised and expanded to include non-residential swimming pools or commercial swimming pools. Thanks to this provision, organizations like schools, municipalities and non-profit companies can now reap the benefits of solar pool heating systems!

The most impressive part of the program is that owners of commercial Sacramento pools are able to enjoy rebates of up to 50% to 70% of the cost of installation of solar system!

Solar pool heating systems are great for Sacramento pools because these systems are cost-effective, trustworthy and clean. The cost of fuel is free and after the system pays for itself you only need to pay for maintenance. Can you say that about your gas heating system?

It’s best to apply now, because as the market grows the incentives decline. Year after year, the cost of fuel or electricity will continue to rise, but the sun remains free. Don’t delay any longer. Learn more about a solar pool heating system today.

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