New solar application takes flight with potential to power thousands of homes

The installation of rooftop solar panels at airports could power thousands of homes with clean, renewable and affordable energy, according to a new Australian study.

Published in the Journal of Building Engineering, researchers determined that equipping 21 federal airports with large-scale rooftop solar energy applications could power nearly 140,000 homes. Already, airports across the country are leveraging solar power to provide for their own electricity needs. The Melbourne Airport, for instance, plans to add additional solar capacity with a project that would span 26 soccer fields. The power would support the energy needs for all of the airport’s passenger terminals.

RMIT University compared the residential solar electricity output to potential energy production from solar airports in a regional city. It came as no surprise that large-scale solar airports could produce more power that’s currently produced by 17,000 residential panels in the case study. In fact, the power capacity of solar airports would be 10 times greater than what’s currently available.

The lead author of the study mapped out 1.62 square miles of rooftop space at airports, locating an abundance of open space suitable for harvesting sunlight energy. In addition to being highly efficient, the airport solar panels do not pose a safety issue to incoming and outgoing flights, as the panels absorb light instead of reflecting it.

As we continue to learn, the potential of solar power has no ceiling. Whether it’s powering entire cities or providing clean energy to homes or businesses, there’s really no energy project out of reach with solar.

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