Is Solar Power Really Worth It?

What are the Pros and Cons of Solar Power?

If you have been considering going Solar, you’re probably considering all of the pros and cons. Luckily, we’ve compiled them all in one place, to help make your decision easier:



Solar Power uses the sun to create energy, bringing down your electric bill every month. The best part is that you start saving the first month your panels are installed.


Solar uses the sun to create energy, and the sun is never depleted. That means you will always have power. Fossil fuels, coal, and nuclear energy can eventually run out, and they pollute the air and the health of our loved ones.

Helps the Environment

This one is a no-brainer – solar energy doesn’t pollute the environment, unlike other forms of energy.

Creates Independence

Solar energy doesn’t rely on imported energy. While most solar systems are still grid-tied, your new system will allow you freedom from rate hikes and inflated electric bills.

Low Maintenance

The only maintenance you need to do is hose the panels off once a year. Our twenty year, bumper to bumper warranties take care of the rest!


Major Investment

This is probably the most important thing to potential solar customers. Though solar panels do cost money to install, there are several ways to pay for them. If you don’t want to pay cash up front, you can get a low interest loan to help pay for the installation. You can also get rebates from your electric company as well as the government. Regardless of how you finance your system, our professionals will help you design a system that allows you to save money from day one – meaning your average monthly electric bill will be lowered enough to compensate for the cost of your new system. Best of all, installation prices are at an all-time low, so now is the perfect time to make your investment.

The sun doesn’t shine 24/7

This is another major reason that potential solar customers are hesitant to make the plunge into solar power. The sun doesn’t shine through the night, and there are cloudy days. You can store your unused energy for times when your solar power isn’t up to par. Clouds are a source of potential shading. Clouds passing through the sky during the day may also result in fluctuations in system output, but these are basically unavoidable. Solar technology works better in cooler weather, however, making the sunshine that you do receive even more efficient.


Some potential customers are worried that they won’t have enough room on their roof to go solar. Even if your space is limited, however, we generally have a solution that will allow you to save money on your electric bill. Also, while most solar is installed on your roof, it is possible to have it installed elsewhere on your property.

Going solar is a big decision, one that will have a lasting impact for both you, your family and your home.Having all of the information in one place is helpful.For more information on going solar, download our solar buyers guide:

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