Renewable energy in your home AND on the road

Chances are if you’re reading this blog, you are already interested in renewable energy. For those who may be on the fence about how home solar electricity may benefit them beyond just powering their home with renewable energy, we decided to share the fun side of solar with you on this week’s blog.

Bet you never thought of driving a record-breaking, turn-hugging solar car, did you? Well, in Australia, that may very well happen within the next year, thanks to a group of students from the University of New South Wales. The car, called the Sunswift eVe, broke previous solar land speed records by 17 mph. Unlike other electric cars, such as Tesla or Nissan models, the very basic Sunswift eVe is equipped with solar panels that allow for it to be charged while parked in the sun.

Solar can impact the world in many ways. With rising utility costs, as well as a potential rise in gas prices, the time for renewable energy in homes and vehicles is now. Solar electricity is changing many industries, including the housing industry. Let Aztec Solar help you transform your Sacramento home into an energy efficient hub. Your utility company could pay you to use renewable energy in your home. Sounds like a win-win.

Contact us for more information on rebates and promotions. We would love the opportunity to show you why we are one of the top rated solar energy installers in the nation!

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