Return on investment for solar is higher than other popular investments

Ever since the housing crash, homeowners are looking for ways to boost their home’s value in the long-term. There are many options when it comes to investments that add value to your home, but some are better than others.

When comparing the return on investment on solar versus traditional investments like remodels, investing in a home solar system generally has a higher return on investment. In fact, according to the Geostellar Solar Index, Americans benefit more from investing in solar than the following popular investment choices:

1) S&P 500

2) 30-year treasury bonds

3) Five-year certificate of deposit (CD)

With a home solar system you can increase your home value instantly. With Aztec Solar, we make the process simple and painless. As a solar energy provider in the Sacramento area for more than 30 years, we can help you make the right choices for your home and your financial future. Contact us today and let’s get started.

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