Rising temperatures increase threat of wildfire, power outages across Northern California

Rising temperatures and dry winds in California over the weekend raised the alarm in a state already battling unprecedented wildfire activity and the catastrophic consequences of climate change.

Recent weather patterns have produced record-setting temperatures and fire-fanning winds across the West Coast, contributing to ongoing wildfire activity.

Climate change is a major factor. The five worst fires in recorded California history have all occurred in 2020, an indicator of the rising threat many people across the state know too well.

The National Weather Service recently declared a red flag warning, which indicates critical fire weather conditions, for regions across Northern California, including the Bay Area and the Sacramento Valley.

Unfortunately, the combination of wind, low humidity and extreme heat will lead to increased fire danger, potentially impacting ongoing wildfires or causing new ones.

As a preventive measure, California’s Gas and Electric Company once again began weighing shutting off power in the affected areas since power lines are known to cause fires.

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