Sacramento State students harnessing sun’s energy to help Uganda village

Three students from California State University, Sacramento are teaming up on a senior project to build a 100-watt solar direct current micro grid that could help a small village school in Uganda receive something it needs badly: power.

The Toggo International Children’s Center currently has a few solar energy sources that provide some power, but according the Sacramento State, the children’s center still cannot pump clean well water to the campus.

That is where the Sacramento State students are trying to make a difference. In addition to the prototype, they hope to teach residents in the village how to build “a 3-to 5-kilowatt system of solar modules, based on the prototype and using materials easily found in the area, to power the entire school with energy from the sun.”

The Sacramento State engineering team has a fundraiser site open now for the project at. (Click Solar Project under the Expansion and Growth Allocation tab.)

Solar energy, as illustrated by these ambitious students, can be used for multiple things that help the environment and people all over the world – from large cities to remote villages.

As we enter the summer months, think about what solar can do for you and your home.

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