Solar Water Heating: A Great Solution to Save Water and Money

Recently, Governor Jerry Brown ordered mandatory cutbacks in statewide water usage, resulting in lifestyle changes for many California residents. The 25% decrease will affect all of us, leaving us questioning how we can make a difference.

One way to conserve water now is to have more efficient water heating. How many of us leave the faucet or shower running, waiting for it to get warm? We are guilty of this!

Luckily, solar water heating can help. The way it works is easy:a system is installed on your roof containing a liquid heated by the sun’s rays. The liquid flows into a solar tank where the heat exchange transfers its heat to your water supply. From the solar tank, the heated water transfers to your water heater. Because your water heater already has hot water, it doesn’t need to use electricity or gas to heat it, saving energy and reducing water waste waiting for it to heat up.

Not only can solar water heating reduce the amount of water you use, according to the Department of Energy, you can expect a savings of 50-80% off your water heating bill. Even better news: the Solar Investment Tax Credit covers installation of solar water heating systems, reducing the cost of the system drastically.

PG&E has substantial rebates available to their gas customers as well? Enough to bring your net cost down between $1,000 and $2,000!

Interested in learning more about how solar water heating can reduce your water usage and utility bills?

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