Saving money during the holidays

Every January, our energy bill arrives and shocks us all. We tend to use more electricity this time of year. The weather cools down, we use more decorations around the house that use electricity, family visits, and the list goes on. Luckily, there are ways to keep control of our electricity usage during the holidays. We have compiled a list just for you!


  • Don’t keep opening the oven to check on the food. Every time the oven door opens, it lets out hot air, meaning it has to warm itself back up again.
  • If you can, cook multiple items in the oven at the same time. If two or three items cook at the same temperature, pop them all in to cook together. Your oven won’t have to be on as long.
  • Keep the fridge and freezer closed as much as possible. Try to get everything you know you’ll need out at one time and put it all back together.
  • Use your small kitchen appliances. They do just as good of a job as an oven and use less electricity.


  • Consider switching to LED lights, which use less energy than incandescent lights.
  • Use an automatic timer. That way, you don’t accidentally forget to turn your lights off.
  • Use fiber optic decorations. They usually only use one bulb!


  • If you are using lights inside as decorations, turn your normal lights off while your decorations are lit.
  • Turn down the water heater. It saves you money, plus, hot water won’t scald you.

These tips should help get you through the holiday season, but you can also use these tips throughout the year! If you’d like to see lower electric bills throughout the year, consider switching to solar. Give us a call today for your free estimate at 916.853.2700.

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