SEIA launches new tools to protect solar customers

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) will launch a consumer education program designed to inform and protect people like you who’ve made the life-changing decision to use solar energy to power their homes, pools and businesses.

Over the last two years, the association has beefed up its consumer protection efforts and recently released a suite of new tools that cover the ins and outs of residential solar transactions. These resources guide consumers to ask the right questions when they decide to invest in solar energy. If you are wondering about price comparison, materials and expectations, for example, these tools clarify the process for this very important investment.

The association’s goal is simple. It wants to simplify the solar-buying process in such a way that also protects the consumer. It hopes to distribute the tools across the United States by making them accessible through several solar websites.

“Solar is still a new power choice for millions of Americans,” said SEIA president and CEO Abigail Ross Hopper on “By doing their homework and making use of these tools, consumers and stakeholders alike will feel confident and comfortable in the decision to go solar.”

The California Solar Energy Industries Association (CALSEIA) is headed by Aztec Solar’s very own CEO, Ed Murray.

Aztec solar also offers resources directly to our friends across the Sacramento region. From our Solar Calculator, our 28-minute solar consultation and our Free Solar Buyer’s Guide, we believe in informing customers from the start. If they are educated, they can make the best decision for themselves, save money, and positively contribute to the future of our planet. We offer these resources because we believe in putting our customers first. Our excellent customer service, our thorough understanding of the solar industry and our promise to provide the best products and services at the best possible price, aligns with our philosophy of putting the consumer first.

These resources, including SEIA’s new standardized disclosure forms that help you better understand offers you may see from different companies, are needed as more and more households turn to solar for their energy needs. More than 1.4 million homes are currently powered by solar and that number is expected to reach 3 million within just a few years.

So, if you’re ready for the solar switch, there’s no better place to turn to than Aztec Solar. We have more than 35 years of experience in the Sacramento region. We’ve served the community with integrity, award-winning customer service and the upmost dedication to you and our future.

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