Solar energy outperforms non-clean energy

Did you know it would only take a little over a week of solar energy to run a light bulb for a year? That’s exactly what Good Magazine’s recent experiment on renewable energy concluded.

To keep a 100-watt bulb running for a year, it would only take eight days, eight hours and 14 seconds of energy from 100-square meters of solar panels. If that seems like a lot, compare it to the amount of non-clean energy. It would take more than 700 pounds of coal, 140 pounds of natural gas and nearly half-a-pound of nuclear energy to get the same result.

Think solar bliss is out of reach? Wrong. According to Stanford University’s Vivek Wadhwa in a recent Washington Post article, solar energy panels are about to be as “ubiquitous as cell phones.” With solar power doubling as its price drops drastically, it’ll be less than 14 years, according to Wadhwa, before solar power meets 100 percent of our energy needs.

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