Solar energy reaches new heights

The solar industry reached new heights in the last year. Solar employees now account for more than Apple, Google, Facebook and Twitter combined, according to a recent article from SEIA.

Not only is the solar industry growing in numbers, solar also beat out coal and wind energy for generating capacity, growing 30 percent over 2013’s numbers.

On the national level, solar growth has reached epic levels, however, California is leading the country in solar power. We still have the highest number of projects: a quarter of a million, as of six months ago. California also has nearly 8.7 gigawatts installed, according to the same article from SEIA. America Supports Solar not only highlights California’s status as the No. 1 state for solar, but also shows that we lead globally for solar installs with more solar power installed than all but six other countries.

Aztec Solar is proud to be taking part in the solar revolution that is sweeping the nation, and look forward to beefing up the numbers for our state going forward. The Investment Tax Credit has worked as a catalyst for solar growth for several years, but as the credit potentially expires at the end of next year, so could your opportunity to save big by going solar now. Each year utilities go up, so why not strike while the iron is hot? Take advantage of the deep discounts the Investment Tax Credit gives as well as our $1,000 discount on a solar electric system.

Don’t wait until it’s too late!

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