Solar Installation Offered In Sacramento with Proven Service

In less than twenty years, solar energy has gone from merely a dream to a practical energy source. The conventional view in 2013 is that gone are the days when people questioned the practical use of installing photovoltaic panels on rooftops to draw energy from the sun. In fact these systems have proven so successful that renewable energy is one of the fastest growing industries in California. According to solar investment company Mosaic, “Between 1999 and 2011, the number of rooftop solar arrays in our state grew from 500 to more than 50,000. Late last year, California’s installed solar capacity surpassed 2 gigawatts — the equivalent of two large coal-fired power plants and almost a third of all the solar energy production capacity in the country.”

At the same time, Sacramento solar panels have become synonymous with quality energy independent facilities that will save you money and save the environment. We also know that solar installation in Sacramento helps increase the overall supply of energy, which gives greater credibility to an industry that is revolutionizing the industry in California and across the nation. Even Warren Buffet thinks solar power is a safe bet, “Coal will gradually decline in importance…there aren’t any more coal plants being built now, so you’ll see gas-fired plants, you’ll see wind, you’ll see solar.”

In brief, solar power is here to stay.

But, caution is still valuable when considering if, how and when you should install a solar system.

Installation Style

As you can see in our residential solar installation photos the panels are custom set for your house. Usually they are secured on rails which are attached to your roof. We bolt the rails to your roof in several places which helps distribute the weight of the panels and ensure the stress on the screws is evenly spread out. Then the panels are secured to the rails. Aztec uses professional roof flashings to make sure there is no leaking when the rain comes. The systems are designed to put as little stress on your roof as possible and withstand normal wind and rain conditions.

Worry Free Solar System Installation

Just because solar is new for you doesn’t mean it is for us. We have been working in the solar service industry for years. We are experts at selecting the best materials and placing the panels for maximum security and efficiency. We take care of all the details, so you can become energy independent in no time at all.

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