Solar power canal concept unlocks new energy possibilities in California

A new study by two California universities found that covering the state’s canal system with miles of solar panels could both generate a lot of power and help save billions of gallons of water each year.

Researchers with UC Merced and Santa Cruz explored the interconnected costs of energy and water distribution. With solar shading over the canals, more water can be retained by reducing water loss that occurs through evaporation. By saving around 63 billion gallons of water annually, there’s enough supply to meet the water needs of 50,000 acres of farmland or 2 million residents and their homes.

In addition to the water savings, the state would also generate 13 gigawatts of solar power, which would account for a sixth of the current installed capacity. At that rate, the state would be halfway to its 2030 decarbonization goal.

The SolarAqua Grid vision addresses a number of pressing needs through incredible innovation. Communities across the state would benefit as the system would produce affordable energy, bring down harmful greenhouse emissions and save large amounts of water resources. The shading will also lower maintenance costs for aquatic weed abatement and increase solar power efficiency through cooling.

New energy possibilities are also available for your home and business. With solar technology, you can also enjoy the benefits of innovative solar energy applications that help save the planet.

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