Solar power could help purify salt water

New research underway could result in the ability to use solar power to purify salt water.

The technology being tested includes a three-step system that boosts efficiency of the purification process. Here is how it works: The heat generated from the light that reflects off solar panels is put to use via a device attached to the underneath section of solar panels with “heat conduction layers.” The salt water is vaporized in one channel of the device, and condensed into fresh water in the second and third channels.

According to a report, the research team produced up to 1.64 liters of water for every square meter of panels per hour.

Imagine the potential for this if solar power could be used for this on a large scale, say for agriculture!

The potential with solar seems to be endless, with new ideas and concepts being created on how to harness the sun’s power almost on a weekly basis.

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