Solar-powered, floating tube could turn salt water into drinking water

It is just a concept at this point, but there could be a new way to turn salt water into drinking water.

The concept, which has been entered into the LAGI Biennial Competitions, is a giant (2,000 feet) floating tube. It would be covered in solar panels and the sun’s energy would be utilized to pull in water from the ocean through a filtering process to make it drinkable.

Business Insider spoke to the electrical engineer behind the project:

“Khalili’s team claims the Pipe would create 10,000 megawatt hours of power annually, which it would use to desalinate 4.5 billion liters per year — that’s enough water to cover the average daily usage of approximately 36,000 people (roughly 40% of Santa Monica).”

The potential that solar energy holds continues to present itself. Just recently, the UC system opened a 60-megawatt solar farm that is now supplying the University of California system with 14 percent of its total electricity usage. Facebook is testing a solar-powered plane that could bring affordable internet to secluded areas. Not to mention, a solar-powered plane just flew around the world.

Solar energy is here to stay.

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