Solar-powered plane flies for record 25 consecutive days

When your electricity bill soars, you know it’s time for a change.

Solar technology truly opens up new horizons that we can enjoy at home, at our businesses and yes, way up in the air.

Everywhere you look, solar innovation is making the planet a cleaner place to live, it’s saving people money and allowing for new technology creation.

A new aviation world record was just reached – and it’s all thanks to solar technology.

Airbus recently announced that its solar-powered Zephyr S HAPS flew for 25 consecutive days. That’s a record! The previous record was less than half that duration.

Relying on sun power alone, this advancement was made possible. It took to the skies at more than 70,000 feet. The technology has advanced implications in reconnaissance, surveillance and communications.

Solar technology is truly reaching new heights. The same can be true for you.

When you decide to go solar, you open possibilities that aren’t available with traditional utilities. Tremendous cost savings, net metering, solar pool heating and doing good by the environment are just some of the benefits.

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