Study: Food crops grow better with solar panels around

Plants and crops love sunshine, and apparently, they love solar panels, too.

Light levels, air temperatures, relative humidity and other microclimate conditions are improved under the shade of solar installations, a new study found. The result: greater crop yields.

According to a study published in Nature, agriculture production improves two or three times more than traditional farming in these solar-shade conditions.

In a three-month study, researchers observed crop development, monitoring the micro-conditions and plant biomass. The results indicate that shade underneath the solar panels had positive effects on multiple conditions, proving more effective than open-sky planting.

In addition to cooler days and nights, the plants also experienced lower vapor pressure deficits, which increases the moisture in the air.

The results are so promising that researchers are collaborating with the Department of Energy to better understand the effect of this technique. Ultimately, they want to use it on larger scales in other U.S. regions.

As you can see, solar and agriculture are great combos. So is a combo of solar and your home or business.

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Just like the agriculture solar installation, your decision to use solar power means we are doing our part to ensure a brighter future and stronger planet.

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