The Future of Solar Power

The future is bright for solar.

Solar power is constantly being measured. In Germany, scientists have been regularly comparing solar power to nuclear power, and in the last few months, solar power has been hitting new records.

In July 2015, solar energy surpassed the energy from nuclear power, producing 5.183 TWh while nuclear power produced 5.181 TWh. Though that may seem like a small difference, it’s still a big victory for solar energy.

At its current output, Germany is the number one country using solar energy, with the United States not far behind. In both countries, solar production continues to be higher than yearly projections. It was estimated solar power would produce 20.2 MW of energy. In March 2015, the US found 30.4 million megawatt-hours had been utilized in 2014. Solar power in California, Arizona, and Hawaii provided more that 5% of the total electricity during the year.

We are proud to be a local business in our great state of California, which currently leads the nation as the number one state for solar energy. In 2014, California installed more solar power than the entire country from 1970-2011. 4,316 MW were installed, which is enough to power 1,049,000 homes.

Large retailers are also going solar. Walgreens, Johnson & Johnson, Walmart, Ikea, and Campbell’s Soup have installed solar panels on many of their locations.

It’s time join the solar revolution. Be a part of the future – save money, energy, and preserve the environment for our forthcoming generations. Contact us today for more information on how your personal future can be impacted by solar.

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