This Summer, Avoid High Electric Bills

Summer officially kicks off on June 21st and brings longer days, extra time with family and memorable hours at the pool. Living in Sacramento, we are well acquainted with the triple digit weather that summertime brings, and the high utility bills that are associated with running your air conditioning all day long. 

Sacramento residents will also be hit by rising electricity costs, due to the EPA’s new guidelines to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent.

With Aztec Solar, you can offset your rising costs of electricity due to both the regular summertime heat and the future cost of energy with our solar electric systems. Our financing plans create an opportunity for you to save money from day one, with a monthly payment that is lower than the savings you’ll receive on your electric bill.Even better, depending on your utility company and the type of system you have, your meter can actually spin backwards!Many utility companies will credit you for this electricity.

At Aztec Solar, we can help save you money by giving you energy independence. Our quality systems have a lifetime of more than 25 years and are practically maintenance-free.

So stay cool this summer and into the future while saving money and preserving the environment.

Contact us today to get started: (916) 853-2700.

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