Top 5 misconceptions about solar energy

Change can be hard. Sometimes, though, change can actually make your life easier and better. One way to make a positive change in your life is by switching to solar to power your home and/or pool.

Don’t let these misconceptions stop you from making the change.

1. It’s too expensive: The average home in California will save more than $34,000 over a 20-yearperiod by switching to solar, according to a 2011 survey. Usually, a system pays for itself after seven to 15 years, depending on the system installed. And the average price for solar panels has gone down 60 percent since 2011. At Aztec Solar, we have many affordable financing options. Along with government subsidies, making the switch to solar simply makes financial sense for your pocketbook. Also, a study done by National Renewable Energy Labs showed homes with solar panels sold for17 percent more money and 20 percent faster than non-solar homes.

2. I don’t live in a sunny enough area: America has3,900 percent more sun than Germany, yet Germany has 6,000 percent more solar power. Temperature does not affect solar panels and the amount of power being generated. Solar insolation, which is the total amount of solar radiation energy received on a given surface area during a given time, is the main importance.

3. I can’t run my appliances and electronics when I want to: Solar power works two ways: You can either have your system “On the Grid” or “Off the Grid.” On the Grid means you are still connected to your power company. Off the Grid means you have a system disconnected from any outside energy company, and it supplies all of your needs. Depending on the system and how many panels you install, your energy expenditure needs can very well be met in either grid system choice.

4. Solar energy technology is not advanced enough yet: After years and decades of advancement, solar technology is incredibly reliable and mature because of the simple construction and composition of modern solar panels. As in all sciences,there is always new technology to implement, and Aztec Solar will be right there keeping itself up-to-date with the best way to help their customers.

5. Solar Energy isn’t that green: It used to be that PV construction took about 30 years to pay off in production, taking more energy to create PVs than they generated. Thanks to newer designs, however, the pay off is now two to four years! The truth is, by switching to solar you help reduce your carbon footprint drastically, all while saving money.

So lay the solar myths to rest, and make a positive change in your life by switching to solar today.

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