As triple-digit heat continues, utility bills soar

It was yet another triple-digit weekend and this holiday offered no reprieve from Northern California’s summer heat.

The last few weeks in the Sacramento area have been miserable — and expensive.

If you’re like many in the region, you dreaded opening your utility bill for August. We don’t blame you. Utility bills rose earlier this year by substantial amounts, and people with traditional electricity services felt the aftershocks of higher billing this summer, and once again in the latter weeks of August. September is likely to be another one for the record books. At last check, temperatures will remain in the upper to mid 90s through Friday. Ouch!

Imagine how much money you could have saved if you made the switch to solar before the beginning of summer.

Not only are you freeing yourself from increasing utility costs, but the money you save from switching will more than pay for your new solar power application. It’s a total win-win.

In addition, Aztec is proud to offer our 2nd Opinion Best Price Guarantee so you can secure further savings. Here’s how it works: If you are quoted by one of our competitors, let us give you a second opinion about your options. If you like what we have to say, we will provide the products and services at a lower price.

You can trust us to deliver not only on excellent pricing, but award-winning services, too. We’ve been the Sacramento region’s solar pioneer for more than 30 years through our industry-leading products and customer service. We also know that each solar application is part of a bigger solution toward a brighter and healthier planet.

If you’re ready to free yourself from high energy cost and be part of the forward-thinking movement known as clean energy, be sure to give us a call or download our Free Solar Buyers Guide today.

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