Triple digits in the forecast, here comes that AC bill

Summer is almost here, which means hot temperatures, spending hours in the sun and running the air conditioning – all day long. This week in Sacramento, temperatures are expected to get close to 100 degrees.

Are you dreading those electric bills? You should be! But there is a way to stop them this year – by going solar.

Some people have their doubts about solar energy, but those doubts can usually be explained. Don’t let these top three doubts hold you back from achieving savings and going solar:

The upfront cost is too high – Did you know that you can go solar without paying a dime toward your starting costs? Aztec Solar has options for a $0 down payment. And even if you finance your system, you’ll be saving money from day one.

The insurance on my home might go up – Think again! According to Zillow, your insurance may go down. More savings in your pocket!

Curb appeal? What curb appeal? – Actually, according to the Guide for Home Improvement, “When buyers drive up to a home and see solar panels on the roof, they know they’re moving into a progressive green home, a home that can save them money.”

Aztec Solar is your local choice for quality solar systems for both commercial and residential use, including water, electric and pool heating systems. Solar systems have been around for more than 50 years, and Aztec Solar has been in business in the Sacramento area for more than 30 years.

Our systems have no moving parts, requiring little to no maintenance. But just like with any large purchase, we understand that protecting your investment is vital. Let us help you finance your dream of being energy independent now with the peace of mind knowing that your virtually maintenance-free system will be covered by an all-inclusive 20-year warranty.

Some of our customers see a virtual elimination of their monthly electricity bill after installation. Start saving on your bills today, and see an increase in your home value, too!

Call us today at (916) 853-2700.

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