UC system opens 60-megawatt solar farm

A new solar farm that recently opened in Fresno County is now supplying the University of California system with 14 percent of its total electricity usage.

Opened just last week, the Five Points Solar Park is a 60-megawatt solar project with an additional 20-megawatts expected to be added in 2017. According to a news release from the UC system, nearly “a quarter of the solar power will go to UC Davis, while the remainder will be shared among the other UC campuses and medical centers served by the university’s Wholesale Power Program.”

This isn’t the first step in the UC system’s efforts to reach carbon neutrality by 2025 – onsite solar power production across the system’s campuses and medical centers have already been installed to the tune of 36.5 megawatts.

California is a leader in the solar movement and its school systems are yet another example of that. Solar power production in California hit a new record of 8,030 megawatts on July 12, setting a new record and is nearly double the amount of solar energy produced in California in mid 2014. California leads all states interconnecting renewable resources with total clean capacity as of this date about 18,718 megawatts – solar resources make up close to 8,600 of those megawatts.

On top of this, it was recently reported that solar energy generation has increased dramatically in California – 1,378 percent in just five years. Further, total residential megawatts (installed capacity) increased 65 percent in 2015, while total megawatts interconnected in the industrial sector almost doubled, and the commercial sector saw a substantial 42 percent increase.

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