Water Heated by the Sun


There has been more and more conversations about another type of solar energy; solar hot water. Did you know solar hot water dates back centuries? Do you know it is the most efficient solar technology available? Have you ever thought about how your water is heated? Did you know that solar could off-set natural gas, electric-heated or propane hot water heaters? Well, it can!


The best news is no matter how you heat your water there are rebates available for you. Currently solar is one of the strongest ways to invest your money and lock in your independence against volatile energy prices. “The sun’s heat energy is clean and abundant, and the solar water heating technology is efficient,” said Gary Barsley, manager of SCE’s Solar and Self-Generation programs. “That makes solar water heating systems a smart way to generate hot water for your home or business.” Read more about the CSI-Thermal rebates.


  1. What? 1/3 the price!

    Yes. SWH heating systems are one-third the price of solar electric and for produce more energy.

  2. Rebates.

    The savings with SWH technology is better than ever, with maximum utility rebates of and an additional 30% Federal Tax Credit. Get back some value as a utility ratepayer for clean, green technology.

  3. It only takes two.

    Two solar water heating collectors can supply a family of 4 with between 60%-75% of their water heating needs annually. And at 90% efficient, you should consider hedging against your future utility bills with a SWH system.

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