Why California’s power grid is struggling and how solar battery storage can help you

Are this year’s wildfire season and heat affecting you and your family? California has experienced rotating power outages this year. The outages are due to numerous reasons, such as the state trying to find back-up energy sources and a heatwave that has impacted the whole state of California.

Reports indicate that statewide outages could be in the millions, plus with the abnormal heat across the whole country, it is extremely difficult to pull in energy from other states. States such as Washington and Arizona who usually would assist California may be unable to do so as they are in demand to provide service to their customers.

One might ask how is a power grid even operated? It takes system operators balancing supply and demand and producing every kilowatt that is needed from California customers to have a properly functioning grid. Even though summer is approaching its end there is no set timeframe as to when the heatwaves will come to a halt.

So, what can you do to help yourself during these challenging times year after year? California is a leader in the nation in terms of the number of homes that have solar installed. Having a solar panel combined with solar battery storage can help keep lights on in the event of an outage. For example, once a solar battery is charged up with the extra solar power that panels generate, whether that is AC or DC, the stored energy can be used at a later point. If you are subjected to a power outage from the grid, as soon as the power outage occurs the battery backup will isolate your home or business from the grid and activate the solar battery to deliver you power. Therefore, the solar battery will function like a typical backup generator. Essentially, both solar batteries and solar panels work together to save excess solar power to put it to use when it is needed.

By partnering with Aztec Solar to take a step toward energy independence, you are using a company that has done solar and only solar in the Sacramento region and across Northern California for more than four decades.

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