Why You Need a Variable Speed Pool Pump in Sacramento

If you want to save money, upgrading from your single or two-speed pump will help you do exactly that. Compared to other models, variable speed pumps are designed to be able to work for the task at hand… rather than just a static rate. In other words, different pool tasks require different amounts of energy. Rather than over-pump in certain circumstances and drive up your energy bills, variable speed pumps were created specifically to be adaptable.

Worried you may be wasting energy or burning out your equipment too quick? You need a variable speed pool pump in your Sacramento pool. Unlike old pool pumps, which just run at one speed no matter what you are doing, variable speed pool pumps are designed to change speed either automatically. Previously single speed pumps were set up to work at the required strength for your toughest tasks, such as water jets or vacuuming. Variable speed pumps are designed to adjust so that when you are simply filtering your pool, which requires far less pump power, you aren’t wasting energy… and they run quieter!

There are a number of reasons why, as a homeowner in Sacramento, you should invest in a variable speed pool pump today:

  • Variable pumps use less power because they adjust to necessary speeds. In fact, automatic pumps will detect resistance when you add an attachment, such as vacuum hoses, and change speed without you needing to hit a switch. Some estimates show variable pumps are nearly 90% more efficient!
  • Certain utility companies offer rebates when you buy a variable pump so you not only save energy but you reduce the cost of the pump itself.
  • Since the pumps change speed, and generally operate at lower speeds when filtering, your pump will last much longer. Instead of burning out from constant use you’ll get years of use out of your new equipment.

If you are thinking about fixing or replacing old pool pumps in Sacramento, you should certainly look into variable speed pool pumps. The new pumps have been designed for easy retrofitting, and also for very simple control coordination.

For most people who are looking for pool pumps in Sacramento, these modern pool pumps are perfect for your needs. They are quiet, energy efficient, durable, and long-lasting. Not to mention most companies offer warranties on your pumps and will even come out and service them if there are any issues. While the sticker may be a shock at the beginning, between energy efficiency and convenience these pumps will pay for themselves in 2-3 years. What a great investment.

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