Winter is prime time for solar!

Did you know your solar panels can actually perform better during the winter? That’s thanks to the cooler weather, enabling the panels to perform better, according to SFGate.

In Sacramento, we are primed for optimal solar panel performance: we have bright sunny winter days, with cool temperatures to boot. On days when we are overcast, or drizzling the water that accumulates on the panels can actually work to temporarily boost production. In fact, rain helps keep your panels clean of debris and dust, thereby increasing their functionality.

The only downfall to winter is that the days are shorter, so the length of time that your panels are in the sun is decreased.

With longer nights comes more electricity use, and heating needs are at a premium during the cold winter season. Why not take advantage of a solar solution for your energy needs? It can save you money and increase your home’s value: a win-win!

Contact us today for a free energy analysis on your home! We would love to let you know how solar can work for you!

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