Winterizing Your Solar Energy System

You weather proof your home every year by caulking windows, checking furnaces, fireplaces and chimneys, and cleaning out your gutters. These things are all important to help protect your family and your real estate investment. (More ideas for winterizing your home here).

But are you taking the necessary steps to protect the investment you’ve made for your pool’s solar energy system?

Here at Aztec Solar, we have 30 years of experience in the Sacramento area with home energy efficiency. Let us go through our 20 point inspection process to make sure your solar system is ready for the freezing temperatures of winter.

These steps include testing sensors, draining pipes and panels, checking condition of pipes and changing timers for the winter cycle, among many things. We’ll also go through a rigorous process to ensure your pool’s solar heating system will remain in tip top shape throughout the winter and into the warmer season, so that you’re ready to dive in as soon as weather permits.

If you take advantage of our winterization special now, you will qualify for a discount on your spring tune up as well!

Call today to schedule you’re appointment for just $89.95. (916) 853-2700

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