With challenges ahead, solar can provide solutions for unexpected power outages

Our hearts go out to our friends and neighbors across the state and beyond who are facing health concerns and economic pain over the COVID-19 emergency.

A return to a semblance of normalcy is a matter of when not if. Yet, many unknowns remain as we continue to confront the challenges of this pandemic.

Later this year, there are fears that the flu season will further complicate matters if a second serge of COVID-19 infection occurs. We are all hoping for the best and will do our part to ensure our operations follow health and safety guidelines set forth by state and county officials.

California may also face a tumultuous wildfire season because the spread of COVID-19 threatens to make things more difficult for those on the wildfire frontlines. Already, the outbreak has postponed training exercises, controlled burns and inspections of high-fire risk properties in some parts of the state.

The American Red Cross is greatly concerned about the spread of the disease if communities are evacuated during a fire. Crowded evacuation centers may exponentially increase the risk of infection.

Unplanned power outages during peak wildfire season are inconvenient, stressful and draining on resources and time.

Unfortunately, these outages have become a new normal as the state finds new ways to prevent catastrophic wildfire events.

At Aztec Solar, we continually innovate and customize energy solutions to meet the needs of our residential and business customers.

Our solar products and technologies will be as vital as ever during the difficult months ahead as the wildfire season approaches.

Solar batteries are another tool we are proud to offer to our customers. They work by storing excess energy generated by solar electricity systems. The extra power is then made available when it’s needed the most. Solar batteries can kick in during peak energy times or unexpected power outages.

Solar batteries offer peace of mind when stress levels are high.

Be prepared for the unexpected, save money on your utility bill, and do something good for the planet.

To learn more about solar battery storage system and how it can be combined with a solar power electricity system, please contact us today online to learn more about this opportunity.

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