Would Solar Really Save Me Money?

We know – solar panels are a big investment. As a homeowner considering solar, you definitely want to make sure that your solar investment will pay off. The following will help you determine if solar is right for your home – but if you want to research further you can also download our buyers guide at www.5solartips.com.

Is your roof a good candidate for solar?

What direction does your roof face? Do you have a flat roof? While a flat or south facing roof is known as ideal for solar, if your roof faces another way, don’t think you are out of the running for solar panels! In some areas, the late afternoon and evening sun will provide more sunshine to a west facing roof. But no matter which direction your roof faces, the sun will hit the panels throughout the day, benefiting you and your savings. If you don’t feel that your roof is a good fit, solar panels can be installed elsewhere on your property.

How much shade do you have?

Do you have large trees surrounding your home? Do you have buildings or other structures casting shadows on your home throughout the day? A good way to know how much shade you have is to take a photo of your roof five times throughout the day. Start in the early morning and snap a shot every few hours. This will help you see exactly where and how much shadows land on your home during the day. If you find that you have shadows, don’t lose hope. You may be able to cut back leaves on a tree to lessen a shadow, or the panel can be moved a few feet away from the shadow.

Is your electric bill too high?

A big reason customers want to switch to solar is to lower their energy bill. Look at your bill, make sure you are looking only at electricity and not gas. Is it over $150? Then you can definitely benefit from solar power.

Are you conserving as much energy as you can now?

When you switch to solar power, you will want to reduce your energy consumption to maximize your system. Have you switched your lightbulbs to LED? They produce less energy and run cooler than traditional bulbs, plus they last longer. Making sure you conserve energy not only prepares you for solar power, it will help reduce your energy bill each month.

If you still aren’t sure if your home is a good fit, or you are ready to make the switch, contact us for a free site visit and solar need analysis. We can help you decide if solar is right for you!

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