Organization supporting California solar consumers launches

You may have seen it in the news. The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) recently voted to protect rooftop solar, standing up for consumers and for clean energy, and they should be applauded.

But the fight was too close for comfort. With a 3-2 vote, California came dangerously close to penalizing future solar consumers at the behest of the powerful utility companies. Out of this experience, a new organization, California Solar CitiSuns, focused on representing you and other solar consumers like you, has been launched.

California Solar CitiSuns is an independent community-based 501c4 organization. It is an organization created for Californians who have invested in rooftop solar on their homes or businesses. California Solar CitiSuns operates with an independent board of directors and advisory board. Its’ founding partner is CalSEIA, which is supportive of the organization’s commitment to be an independent voice for the solar consumer.

California Solar CitiSuns will inform you about decisions that may impact you and help protect pro-solar policies for the future.

The more people who join this new group, the stronger your voices will be. Consumers need this strong voice, and that’s what California Solar CitiSuns is all about.

California Solar CitiSuns will:

  • Provide you with regular updates on policies that may impact you.
  • Highlight opportunities to voice your support for pro-solar policies.
  • Connect the solar consumer community together with information, resources, tips and other ways of sharing ideas and news.

Aztec Solar believes California Solar CitiSuns will be a valuable asset to you and we encourage you to sign up.

Learn more about the organization by visiting

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